Over 25,000 Clients Worldwide Over Past Decade!

Maria Gudelis – Co-Founder and Chief Performance Officer

Her mom taught her to meditate by candlelight when she was just a babe.  Her dad, an executive at Exxon, taught her the multi-million dollar business skills.

From zero to three million in consulting sales in one year with her unique “Zen approach’ to business.  Using her trademarked “Fast Track Marketing Blueprint” methodology, her clients have experienced over 20% increase in sales in 21 days.

Maria Gudelis has created multiple million dollar online companies and has taught over 30,000 people worldwide over the last decade. Her direct response marketing skills and copywriting act as catalyst to her clients businesses resulting in increased revenues and asset value.

Kara Charron – Co-Founder & President

Her most important role is being a wife to her husband of over 15 years and a mother to her 2 beautiful children Hailey and Spencer.  Her mission is simple, create a life that radiates success and freedom so she can spend as much time with the people that matter most to her.

Becoming a master at systems allowed her to pay off more than 85K in debt in one year.
Her clients have seen how quickly she can evaluate a situation, systemize it and create a cash injection blueprint in record time.

Kara Charron is a Serial Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Consultant & Master Strategist. Kara’s passion for success is infectious. She created her first multi-million dollar company in her 20s. She has advised on 6 and 7 figure launches while focusing on simplifying and streamlining the process for maximum results.

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