Wow. You have to listen to this!

She didn’t have a lot of money to start with…in fact she ran out of money.

Listen in on the podcast interview below to discover how Julie created a wildly successful ecommerce business and the “secret” tactic to get 26 cent leads.

Maria Gudelis here and I LOVE success stories…I truly hope this inspires you and gives you some “ah-ha moments” as I interview my client today, Julie McBride.
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Here are some of the key “takeaways” you’re going to love:

1. Just follow a step-by-step blueprint (get our FREE FB Traffic Blueprint here)
2. Don’t give up…change your mindset instead.

3. Run competitions/contests to get 26 cents per lead and build your list, your business.

4. Establish relationships with your Aliexpress suppliers

5. Use email marketing for getting more sales that are basically FREE because it costs you nothing in ad spend.
6. They just don’t buy one thing from you.  Using our methodology, Julie sets up at least 8 items items that go hand in hand with that thing she’s already selling.  Julie says “so people just, I don’t know where the money comes from but they just buy, so it’s just not that I just sell a single bracelet, I might sell a bracelet and earrings or a bracelet and necklace or 3 necklace and 5 bracelets. It’s amazing.”

Choice Snippets From Our Interview

Maria:  “Julie….When did you get started with ecommerce and what are your monthly sales right now?

Julie:  Okay well it was back in August when I found Accelerated Ecom/IES and I actually saw your name on it so that got my interest straight away.

This month is a quite month but I have $10,000 in already, but between Black Friday and Christmas for example I made $25,000.

I’m on track for a 6 figure income. I can’t believe that.

What is your typical profit margin on that?

Julie: I took your training to heart and I went looking and I found something that cost me 60 cents it’s a little cheaper because sometimes I get these sent to me.

60 cents and if you do it with ePacket it costs you $2.

I sell it for $12.95 plus $1.95 for shipping.

$14.90 total sale.

So I make as you tell about $15 on ever sale for that particular product. It costs me $2.60.

And I sell thousands of them, absolutely thousands of them.

Maria:  Did you have any money to start out with and what helped you turn on the “success flow”?

I sort of put my last $500 into getting in and I had a small budget for advertising and things when I first started.

You get your mindset right.  I actually said no, people can do this, people make money at this, people like me make money at this. This was when I said I’m going to do it.
And then on the marketing side and even finding a product, even finding a niche, simple, you make it simple and I’m not over embellishing that.

You can literally sit down, go step by step and you guide everybody by hand and I think that was a big thing for me. I didn’t have to think about what do I do now.

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Maria:  What was your biggest sales day?

Julie: Oh my biggest day $1,740.

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To Sum It All Up

What final piece of advice would you like to share?

Julie says:  “If you’ve got this opportunity, I am sure it won’t last, get in it while you can because now is the time, eCom is, I’ve proven it, eCom is the thing and you are in the best hands in the industry if you’ve got Peter and Maria on your side, I can tell you that.

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Maria Gudelis is a international speaker, author, Marketing Expert and co Founder at Target Insider. Her new approach to marketing online has created for her and her client’s businesses millions of dollars of income.