Do you want to know what that is? We will get to that in a minute but first I wanted to share with you a story about a “hypothetical” online store. Let’s call this store the Dog Shop. The online Dog shop is only about 8 months old and started out solely by running Facebook ads to targeted audiences who have interests in dogs.

In 8 months they have grown to about $15,000 a month in gross revenue. You might be thinking oh wow that’s awesome I wish I could do that. But let’s explore those number in a little more detail.

Gross Monthly Revenue         $15,000

Facebook Ads                                                 $6,000

Cost of products                                              $5,000
Contractors                                                     $2,200


The total expenses are $13,200 leaving only $1800 profit! What if you sent out an email and generated another $2,000 in sales? That $2,000 in sales cost you zero dollars to acquire.

Can you see how that can greatly change your bottom line?


If an online store is getting customers but is still struggling I can almost guarantee they are not effectively using email marketing.

If you are not using it correctly you are leaving money on the table.

I get it…it’s hard work to create all those emails right?  What if you had an “easier” way? I explain further below on that.

When used correctly Email marketing is like printing money but when used incorrectly it can be devastating to your business. The problem is so many people are not using it correctly.

It’s not their fault they just have not been shown the proper way.


We have personally tested out many campaigns, some have been winners and others complete losers.


Did you know it takes the average person at least 7 times to see something before they buy it?

So many people are afraid to email and contact their customers because they are so scared people will unsubscribe. The truth is, people, want to hear from you and if they don’t they are clearly not your ideal customer.

There is a fine dance you need to do with your prospects, customers and VIP’s. You should be marketing differently to each of them.

Your Prospects are people who have opted in for a freebie but now it’s your chance to convert them into a fan and buy from you. It’s like dating, you need to give your best effort to dazzle them and have them fall in love with you.

Once the do, they convert into a Customer and like any relationship you need to nurture it, put effort into growing closer.


Ultimately you want people to become a VIP, this means they LOVE you!! They watch for your emails to come out and they buy anything you send out. They are a super fan!

This works for any business, digital products, physical products and even services…..


In this blog post we are talking about email marketing and eCommerce. Most online stores get customers but never email them with promotions.

It’s 10 times easier to get a sale from a current customer than it is to get a sale from a stranger.

Every online store should have a promotional calendar that maps out not only your sales but also your email marketing strategies and sales. You have already paid advertising money to get the customer and you maximize your ROI by emailing them.

There are many kinds of email promotions you can do to drum up sales.

You can offer BOGO sales, Free Shipping, Flash Sales, New Product Sales the goes on and on.

The most important part is that you start writing emails and sending them to your current customers.

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